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Buying A Dream Home In Punjab Becomes Cheaper

“There is a reason to smile for the new buyers of Dream Homes in Punjab. To boost the growth of the ailing Real Estate Sector in Punjab, the Govt. approved a reduction of Registry Fees for registration of property in the Urban Areas from 9 to 6 per cent. The revised Registry Fees in Punjab of 6% will be valid until March 31, 2018.”

Stamp Duty And Registration Charges in Mohali,Punjab:

Like any other product, while buying a property, the buyer has to pay a number of charges besides the price of the Property settled between the buyer & the seller. All these costs collectively count for the overall amount that the buyer spends. The main costs except for the basic price of the property also include;

i) Stamp Duty on Sale Agreement
ii) Registration Charges (Other than Stamp Duty) Levelled by the State Govt.
iii) GST
iv) Education Cess
Stamp Duty has to be paid in terms of Section 3 of Indian Stamp Act. These charges are to be paid on all types of “Sale & Purchase Agreements”, including Agreements between the Buyers & Sellers for Sale & Purchase & Registration of Property. The Stamp Duty or Registry Fees in Punjab for Registration of Property are levied on the price agreed between the parties.

Revised Stamp duty and Registration Charges  in Mohali, Punjab:

Till now, Stamp Duty on Agreements for Sale & Purchase of Property or Registry Fees in Punjab was 9%. To boost the growth of the ailing Real Estate Sector in Punjab, the Govt. removed 3 percent additional stamp duty chargeable as Social Security Fund through an amendment to Section 3-C of the Schedule & thereby reduced Stamp Duty on the Cost for Registration of property in urban areas from 9 to 6 per cent. These Revised Registry Fees in Punjab will remain applicable until March 31, 2018.

Effects of Low Property Registry Fees in Punjab:

As a result of the aftermath of historic “NOTE-BANDI” by Govt.of India, the Real Estate is one of the worst affected Sectors. The Real Estate Market has been seeing a slowdown due to the problem of Cash-Crunch being faced by the people.The reduction of Registry Fees in Punjab by 3% can be termed as a big reduction. This major decision is bound to lower the overall costs substantially that the buyers have to incur while buying the property.
With the lowering of Stamp Duty or Registry Fees in Punjab on Sale and Purchase of Property, whereas on one hand, the buyers will get the substantial relief, and on the other hand, the Real Estate Market is expected to see a revival. In simple words, with the lowering of the Registry Fees in Punjab. the Real Estate Sector is expected to see a boom that will add to the State Revenue & will also help in the generation of fresh employment opportunities.

Golden Palms:  2 bhk flats Derabassi

Adding Grandeur To The Lifestyle!Golden Palms Is A Flagship Project of Ubber Group, a renowned Real Estate Company in the Tri-City Region, Chandigarh. Golden Palms is ideally situated near Chandigarh-Delhi National Highway at hardly 10 Minutes drive to Air Force Station, 15 Minutes  drive to  International Air Port, 15 Minutes drive to Medical College, Sector 32, and 20 minutes drive to Central Chandigarh.

Golden Palms Derabassi boasts to be one of the most reputed Real Estate Companies in the Tri-City Region, Chandigarh. It’s a part of Ubber Group, the name that became renowned & household name over a small number of years. “The driving force behind the Company’s ever growing success & popularity has been the determined commitment of the Directors. The Company intends to deliver full value to the customer for the money they spend on acquiring Golden Palms Derabassi Luxurious Villas & Apartments. The Company stands committed to delivering Homes at affordable prices without compromising on the quality standards.”

Golden Palms Derabassi Luxurious Villas & Apartments:

Golden Palms Derabassi offers Housing Solutions in various sizes that suit every person. It’s wide range includes;

  1. 3 BHK Duplex Villa: 111 Sq. Yards.
  2. 2 BHK Villa: 100 Sq. Yards.
  3. 2 BHK Flat Ground Floor: Super Area: 757 sq ft
  4. 3 BHK Flat Second Floor: 1012 sq. Ft
  5. Independent Floors: 1400 Sq. Ft


Built up in 701 Sq. feet, Golden Palms 2 BHK Flats are furnished with awesome features that add comfort to the lifestyle. These are equipped with a Modular Kitchen with ample of storage space, drawers, cabinets, etc. that keep the kitchen perfectly tidy. The Flats have washrooms, attached to the rooms. All the rooms have vitrified tile flooring and the washrooms have anti-skid tile flooring. There are 2 spacious Veranda.  The walls are painted with soothing colours that offer welcoming gestures to the visitors at your place

For booking Golden Palms Derabassi 2 BHK Flats, pricing & other information, please call 9707297072 or visit us at


Vaastu Friendly Flats in Kharar – Ubber Palm Meadows

“Palm Meadows Kharar, a 50 Acre vast Modern Township, has been designed by keeping in mind, all the Vaastu guidelines and principles. The Palm Meadows offer Vaastu Friendly Apartments, Flats in Kharar. Moreso, these Vaastu friendly property are offered at amazingly low prices”.             

Vaastu Shastra-The Ancient Science Of Architecture, Design & Construction

Although the concept of Vaastu has become familiar and come into the limelight only during the recent few decades, but its principles were laid down as early as 6000 BCE.  Vaastu Shastra is one of the best Ancient Vedic Texts that relates to the Science of Architecture, Construction & Design. The principles of this Science were freely used in the layouts of the Kingdoms, Capitals, Towns, Temples & Public Places.

Why The  Vaastu Is Important While Buying A Home:

Vaastu based construction & layouts are found on the 8 Natural Directions namely; North, East, North-East, South, South-East, West, South-West and North-West. Each direction has its own impact in relation to a room to be constructed & subsequently used for a specific purpose.

Principles for Peace, Prosperity & A Happy Home:

In the Vedic Vaastu Texts & other Shastras, all the directions have been co-related to the Natural Forces & Energies namely, Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Space, etc. All these Natural Energies have effects on our day-to-day life.  It’s believed that if the different rooms or parts of residential and commercial places are designed according to the Vaastu Shaastra, they repel the negative forces present, if any. Such layouts, generate and bring positive energies resulting in peace, prosperity and happiness.

Palm Meadows: Flats in Kharar

The Palm Meadows Township is equipped with all the necessary amenities. These include, 24-Hour Drinking Water Supply, Wide Street Roads, GYM, Health Club, an ample Spacious Club House to host over 500 guests, Round the Clock Security at Gate and much more.

Palm Meadows Kharar, a 50 Acre vast Modern Township, has been designed by keeping in mind, all the Vaastu guidelines and principles. The Palm Meadows offer Vaastu friendly  Apartments, Villa’s & Flats in Kharar.              

 For more information, please call 97072 97072 

For Project Details 

Click on Ubber Palm Meadows

Spacious 3BHK Flats in Dera Bassi – Golden Palms

Golden Palms Dera Bassi 3BHK Flats-Apartments

Investment in Real Estate in general, & Golden Palms Dera Bassi 3 BHK Flats- Apartments in specific, is indeed, one of the safest methods to multiply the savings. It’s not a GFD or Good For The Day investment, but even if you are trading for quick gains, you are required to hold for a short period. Buying  good flats, apartments or a home, may be a short; but of course, a cumbersome task. Whether your objective is to make gains through trading in Real Estate,or be it for your own living; you have to be cautious and take some safeguards while investing your money. On the minimal, The Builder should be reliable & trustworthy, he should have a track record of delivering on time; the Society should be near to the nearest township or main city; it should be large & not small and it should provide at least, some of the required amenities.

Why You Should Invest In Golden Palms Dera Bassi 3BHK Flats- Apartments

If you are planning or looking for a dream home near Chandigarh, then buying a Golden Palms Dera Bassi 3BHK Flats -Apartments would be  the best choice.  Golden Palms  is primly located in Dera Bassi near Chandigarh-Delhi National Highway, and is one of the renowned & mega housing projects in the Chandigarh Tricity & periphery locations. This Township is spread across 100 acre 3bhk flats in derabassisprawling areas and provides almost all the main amenities that are required in our day-to-day life.

These include;

✔ 24 hour drinking water supply;
✔ Gated community; round the clock security on the gate;
✔ Lush Green Parks, Play Area for the children; jogging track;
✔ Club-house with indoor games and ample space to organize family functions, parties, social get-together for hosting about 500 guests,
✔ Shopping complex (Daily Needs Shop).

Mix Luxury With The Comfort!

Golden Palms offers 3BHK Flats  in Dera Bassi, near Chandigarh are beautifully built up with the best materials. The Golden Palms Dera Bassi 3BHK Flats -Apartments- Independent Floors -Villas are spacious, airy & get ample sunshine round the year. Furthermore, the Golden Palms Derabassi Housing Project has already obtained approval of the Punjab State Govt.


Project Located Near Chandigarh

5 KM drives from Panchkula through Causeway
5 KM drives from Zirakpur

Experience Elevated Living, Inquire Now! Details, Call 9592333444

Caring for Your Comfort!

“Real Estate is indeed, one of the best & safest areas where you can invest on a long term basis. Investment in real estate assures good returns if you have taken the basic precautions before dumping your money. Your investment in Golden Palms Derabassi-Flats-Apartments- Villas- Plots is not only a good option, but safe too.”

Right Investment-Good Yield!                        

Buying a home is not as simple as simply buying a space for living. In fact, it’s much more than that because this is the place where you intend to spend most of the year during your lifetime. For most of us, Investment in Real Estate  is more or less, once in a lifetime investment.That place must be one that provides you complete relaxation; peace of mind and should be equipped with the basic amenities that are essential in our day-to-day lives.

Trading In Real Estate

There is yet another aspect. Investment in  Real Estate  is also made for making money through trading in property. It’s not GFD or Good For Day Investment, but the investor is required to hold it for at least a short period. Whether it’s for personal living, or for the purpose of trading, the property must be selected very carefully. Some of the areas where you should focus your choice while making any Investment in Real Estate, should be the following.

Proximity & Closeness To Main Township- Higher Appreciation:

Location of the property matters the most. It should be close to the nearest, as well as a main township. A house or land located near to a main town fetches higher gains in a short span of holding. Therefore, it is important that the location should be carefully selected before making Investment in Real Estate.

Big Society-Wider Social Circle:

The size of the Society is the second important area. The place where you intend to invest should be for larger number of people. Smaller colonies or societies remain neglected whereas the large societies & townships,as and when required, somehow, draw the attention of the authorities.

Availability of Necessary Amenities-Comfortable Life:

More facilities, Better Yield. The  residents expect the maximum facilities at the smallest price. Therefore, while  making Investment in Real Estate you should select such areas that are equipped with the better and more amenities.

This type of property attracts more buyers; it’s easy to resell; and gives a better yield.

Golden Palms, Dera Bassi, Near Chandigarh; is one of the most favored areas preferred by the investors. This is a 100 acre sprawling township and is equipped with all the essential amenities. Due to its closeness to Chandigarh and National Highway, investments in the Golden Palms assure high yield in a near future.

For more details,

please call 9592 333 444

Palm Heights – Elevate To An Aristocratic Lifestyle!

Palm Heights Presenting Ready To Move Independent Floors in Dera Bassi !

Palm Heights Township is ideally located very close to the Chandigarh-Delhi National Highway and  the project houses over 200 highlyluxurious Flats(1BHK,2BHK &3BHK). The Township offers tastefully designed Palm Heights Derabassi that stand to add luxury to the lifestyle.

Palm Heights Derabassi: Amenities

Ubber Group has ensured that the Residents of Palm Heights get round the clock drinking water supply. All the  flats are airy; have modern kitchens; and all the rooms get fresh air and sunlight. Needless to add, several other colonies & societies lack this free gift from nature. The Township includes wide internal roads and ample parking space. Ubber Plaza, a commercial project consisting of shops  offices is located close near to the beginning of the wide road. 

To safeguard the the life and property of the residents of Palm Heights,  round the clock security is provided. The Housing Complex has an eco-friendly treatment plant. Palm Heights also provides to the residents, a variety of entertainment & health related facilities. Palm Heights has in-home . 

Equipped with all the modern facilities, the  Palm Heights offers a completely relaxing & refreshing environment that raises the lifestyle at no extra cost and where one loves to live in.

Palm Heights Derabassi: Internal Features

  • Single Entrance to Every Flat with Electronic & Manual Security System Lock.
  • All the Rooms having Vitrified Tile Flooring .                              
  • Textured Paint/Wallpaper on 1 Wall of Master Bedroom & Living Area.
  • Modular Cupboards in All Bedrooms.
  • Washrooms equipped with Branded Electrical C.P., &  Sanitary Fittings.
  • Fully Equipped Modular Kitchen.
  • Wooden Windows & Doors.
  • Spacious Balconies with Anti-Skid Tiles.
  • 24 Hours Power Back Up & Water Supply to Every Flat
    Wiring for D.T.H., Telephone, Intercom & Internet etc.
  • Intercom Facility within all Flats & Security Room.

For booking and more information, Call 97072 97072

As of now, the prices of residential plots in Derabassi  in this city are at its lowest ebb. Some of the obvious reasons are; i) Development of Dera bassi as a new satellite Township has just begun, ii) there are ample of unsold properties, & iii) Economic policies adopted  and decisions taken by the Govt in the current and last year have resulted in a general slow-down in the Real Estate Market. All these situations make Derabassi, the best destination for investment. Any investment made at this ripe time, in Golden Palms Low Budget Flats-Apartments-Floors

Derabassi, A Primely Located Township:

Derabassi is a part of “The Greater Mohali Region”. Presently, it’s a Tehsil level City in Distt. Mohali. The city occupies a prime location on both sides of Chandigarh- Delhi National Highway. It’s centrally situated between Ambala and Chandigarh. As such, it’s at a 10 km distance from the Airport 15km from Medical College & Hospital, Sector 32 and 20 km from Central Chandigarh, Sector 17. 

For about the last 3 years, all the Buses en-route Chandigarh-Delhi-Chandigarh stop at Derabassi to pick & drop the passengers.

Under the Master Plan for 2015-2031, development of this satellite township on the lines of Mohali is on the cards.

Besides the above, there are also other features that make Derabassi an emerging destination for acquiring Apartments-Flats-Floors.

A Fast Emerging Satellite Township:

It is near about saturation in Chandigarh Tri-City Townships of Mohali, Panchkula & Zirakpur. Prices of 1/2/3 BHK  Apartments in Derabassi  are also touching the skyline in these cities. As such, people have been exploring other adjoining areas to acquire homes for self-residence or for the purpose of gains through trading in the Real Estate.

Because of its prime location on the National Highway, as well as close proximity to Chandigarh, this emerging satellite township has become the most favored spot in the Region for investment in the Real Estate. All these and a couple of other factors have led to the emergence of Derabassi as a new satellite township.

The Best Destination & Ripe Time For Investment:

As of now, the prices of Apartments-Flats-Floors in this city are at its lowest ebb. Some of the obvious reasons are; i) Development of Derabassi as a new satellite Township has just begun, ii) there is ample of unsold plots in derabassi, iii) Economic policies and decisions taken by the Govt in the current and last year have resulted in a general slow-down in the Real Estate Market. All these situations make Derabassi, the best destination for investment

Low Budget Plots In Dera Bassi:

In a general parlance, large Societies should be preferred for the purpose of acquiring residential & commercial places. Presently in this emerging Township, about 8-10 Real Estate Developers are in the field. Golden Palms, a part of the renowned Ubber Group of Companies are two large Societies. Golden Palms is a 100 Acre sprawling Township. It’s situated near to Chandigarh-Delhi National Highway. Barring 2, all other Housing Projects are of a small size.

Golden Palms, Dera Bassi:

Builder’s in Derabassi are not offering low priced  Floors,Plots & their Villas too are in the very high budget category. In short, offers  Housing Solutions only for Rich & Upper Middle segments of the Society. On the other hand, Golden offer affordable Housing Solutions.  They provide low budget plots,flats & villa’s that suit all types of pockets. Golden Palms offering Apartments,Villa’s & Plots in derabassi are spacious & Airy. These are also Vaastu friendly.

Any investment made in the Apartments,Villa’s & Plots in Derabassi,Golden Palms would yield good gains over the next few years.

For more details, you may please call 9592333444 or visit

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